My practice begins with photography as an entry point. I’m interested in new approaches to image-making, the shortcomings of the medium, and the slippages between innovation and understanding. Some reoccuring themes in my work revolve around modern retouching practices, the intersection of digital and the physical, illusion, intimacy and identity.

My work has been written about in the Boston Globe, Tate, BKN Magazine, and Lenscratch and exhibited internationally at such galleries as IRL Gallery (OH), Dose Projects (NY), A.C. Institute (NY), The Santa Barbara Museum of Art, The Far Eastern Museum of Art (Russia). I've lectured at the academic conference HISTART’14 (Istanbul), Carrot Creative, and IFP Media Center about new digital workflows, on a panel about the future of photography at Eyebeam, and am published in The New Inquiry.

I graduated from Lesley University College of Art & Design with an MFA in Photography and Integrated Media. I live & work in Brooklyn, NY.

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